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Petro – Commercial NYC Clean Air Initiative

Trust Petro to help you comply with the NYC Clean Heat Initiative.

If you are a NYC commercial operation, you are most likely familiar with the Local Law 43, also known as the NYC Clean Heat Initiative, which mandates the phase out of Number 6 Oil. To comply with these regulations, it means that Certificates of Operation for boilers utilizing Number 6 Oil will not be renewed.

As NYC Clean Heat Experts, you can count on Petro as your partner to help you design a cleaner, more cost-effective energy and fuel solutions package to meet the guidelines of this important initiative.

How Petro is helping customers achieve NYC Clean Heat Initiative goals:

  • Number 2 Oil: we’ve been leading the way in providing the Number 2 Oil required to help our customers meet the guidelines.*
  • Energy-efficient Equipment: we have the energy-efficient equipment that will burn the required oil to meet the new guidelines and we’ll install it for significantly less than the cost of converting to natural gas.
  • Switch to Biofuels: we are working with NYC and NYSERDA to provide a pro clean Number 2 Oil message and are committed to helping NYC make the switch to biofuels wherever possible.
  • Expert In-house Inspection & Violation Removal Team: our expert in-house inspection and violation removal team, that includes a City Inspector, general contractors and master plumbers are partnering with customers to ensure that they satisfy all guidelines.
  • City Document Filing Done Electronically: we ensure that all city document filing is done electronically, so that our customers projects get the approvals and certificates they need quickly and efficiently

How Petro is helping customers achieve NYC Clean Heat Initiative goals:

There are a number of options available for converting from Number 6 oil to a cleaner energy source to achieve compliance:

  • Involves a Cost: each of the options outlined below will involve a cost — some more than others.
  • Identify & Evaluate Available Options: however, before committing to a conversion plan which might involve a significant investment, Petro can help by identifying and evaluating available options to make sure you select the right choice for your building.
  • Identify Energy Savings Incentives: Petro can also help you identify energy savings incentives to help offset the compliance cost.

What are your options?

First, schedule a free energy audit which will help you determine which of the following solutions work best for you to comply with the new law:

  • Convert from number 6 oil to number 2 oil, which is a cost-effective long-term option.
  • Convert from number 6 oil to number 4 oil. This is potentially the most cost-effective option in the short-term.
  • Convert from number 6 to dual fuel or natural gas. In addition to potential short term fuel savings, Petro can direct you to rebates and incentives that may be available to you

And, if your building is over 50,000 square feet, best practices suggest a detailed energy audit.

While this process and these requirements may be complex, you can be sure that as your commercial energy solutions partner, Petro will help you understand and navigate them so that you comply with this important local initiative

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*Some products and services may not be available in all areas. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply.