Get backup generators fueled now to be prepared for year-round weather events!

Worrying about fueling generators after weather events hit – is far too late.
Winter snow and ice storms and summer hurricanes and heat waves in recent years have left many NYC financial institutions, hospitals, care facilities and more without power for days – or even weeks – making it incredibly challenging for commercial operations to function as normal.

Check fuel gauges and get your generators fueled up now!
No matter what winter or summer weather comes our way this year, it’s never been more apparent that having your backup generators fueled and ready to handle any storm power outages is an absolute necessity.

You can rely on Petro Commercial Services for:

  • Automatic delivery service
  • Around-the-clock service and support

As your personal Commercial Account Executive, I am ready to partner with you to create customized generator solutions to suit your commercial energy needs. Please contact me today to make sure that you never lose power and keep your business running through any extreme weather event.

Make sure that your business is prepared for any potential power outages this winter.

Contact us to schedule your fuel delivery today! 800.758.3835

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