Get your generator fueled now to be prepared for any hurricane or storm!

Prepare for summer storms this hurricane seasonWorrying about generators handling power outages after a storm hits is too late.

Major hurricanes and storms of recent years left many NYC financial institutions, hospitals, care facilities and more without power for days – or even weeks – making it incredibly challenging for business to go on as normal.

With the potential for a highly active hurricane season forecast for this year, it’s never been more apparent that having your backup generators fueled and ready to handle any storm power outages is an absolute necessity.

Check your generator fuel gauge and get your generators fueled, tested and serviced now!

  • Automatic delivery service
  • Fuel options that meet all NYC Clean Air Initiative requirements that run more efficiently to help you improve your bottom line
  • Around-the-clock service and support – in any weather

Make sure that your business is prepared for any potential power outages this summer.

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